Published on, May 12, 2018

Hello and welcome to DRG web site. My name is Damjan (read as Damien) Rems and I live in Slovenia, small European country located on the sunny side of the Alps. I am happily married and father of two beautiful daughters. When I don't ''wrestle'' with computers I like to jog, go to mountains, swim, ski and spent time with my family.


I am old enough that I just missed punching card computer era. My first programs were written for IBM S3 mostly batch system, with terminals attached only for data entry purpose. Programs were written in business optimized programming language RPG which had one really good quality. Program code was short. Extremely short compared to other popular business language at the time Cobol. This is also the quality I like about Ruby. Compared to other programming languages programs written in Ruby are relatively short. And less code always means less troubles to debug.


In years after we upgraded from S3 to S38 to IBM/AS 400 host system. I worked for a wholesale and retail trade company and participated or programmed most of wholesale part. We even maneged to automate wholesale process with barcode readers. That was on a S38 host system with PC connected as terminal device.


Around 1997 we got our first Internet connection. I discovered Lotus Notes and got very exited with this document oriented database storage and rapid application development environment pioneer. I even programmed COLD like documentation storage application for Lotus Notes in Java programming language. Just to realize that Java is not programming language for me. 


After that I tried PHP programming language and around year 2006 a friend of mine mentioned Ruby. It took me few hours to rewrite from scratch  a simple program, that took me several days in PHP and with one quarter of code. I never looked back. For last ten years I didn't need to look at another language, since everything I need to do can be done in Ruby. And even more fun. Everything runs mostly unchanged on Windows or Linux. I soon heard about Rails and realized that programming for web can be fun too. 


In year 2012 I started working on my own CMS. I like to say that I am not contaminated with SQL and was once very impressed with Lotus Notes document database. I wanted to give document databases a chance and decided for MongoDB and Mongoid ODM. So far I am very satisfied with my decision and MongoDB is improving every year.


So here I am few years later. The DRG CMS is published as open source project. With document database back-end and strong CK HTML editor integration it may be used for building any complex web site. But not only web sites, I see it as strong tool for rapid development of in-house applications. 


Project still lacks lots of code. Especially in the field of testing and documentation. What is probably the biggest problem with projects running by single developer. So, go on and try it. Platform is stable as it can be and has more than 5 years working in production behind it. 


If you like it, you are welcome to contribute. All project files can be found on Github.