What is new in DRGCMS version up to

Author: Damjan Rems, January 19, 2020

New features:

  • Rails 6 compatible
  • SEO optimizations added to dc_page and can be easily added to any document model
  • json_ld_structure skeleton can be easily added to any document model
  • DRGCMS form can be used to browse any array not only mongodb collections
  • form actions can be disabled when editing data. For now only on new document
  • gallery can be added to document by adding  boolean field to model and adding dc _render(:dc_gallery) to document renderer
  • parent_disabled and parent_opened options added to tree_view DRG CMS form field.
  • fa-icons can now be rendered as menu item caption
  • renderers moved to app/renderers directory
  • all pictures embedded in document body must have alt data set
  • DRG CMS form can now include other form
  • jQuery 3 used as jquery javascript library
  • ajax call result can now be evaluated as javascript code
  • autocomplete field can now return field value which is not an id field
  • CMS toggle polished. When clicked on left half of toggle current position on display is preserved
  • filter condition can now be set, by clicking on column sort icon.