What is new in DRGCMS version up to

Author: Damjan Rems, Jun 13

New features:

  • index section has got select_field and deny_field option, for granular selection of fields displayed on result set browser
  • new DcTemp model is available for browsing temporary data. Unlike DcMemory model, data is saved to database and can persist until clear is requested
  • CSS code can now be added to DRG Form on top level or on field level with css option
  • javascript code can now be part of DRG Form definition or can be loaded from external js file
  • readonly number field is now displayed formatted when  format is specified
  • date_picker and datetime_picker have autocomplete code turned to off by default
  • ajax action in embedded form field can now update form field on parent form
  • embedded DRG Form field can now be used for browsing foreign collection with has_many relation
  • embedded DRG Form field can now pass additional parameters to called Form
  • recommended control files location is now app/controls folder. app/controllers/drgcms_controls locations will be deprecated
  • dc_poll_result model created to save polls result by calling dc_poll.save_results
  • all action buttons (on index, result and edit form) can now be of type link,ajax,submit and window. They can all be called with additional parameters and be either enabled or disabled
  • index actions can now hold additional input fields (ex. for additional filter fields)
  • cmsedit controller has got additional run action, which can be used with ajax actions to directly call any method in controls or any class file.
  • checkbox and select fields can now be properly set from ajax call. When return of set select field is array select field choices are set
  • choices of select field can now depend on value of another field, depend: field_name option forces select field to dynamically update its choices
  • head option added to form. Head is drawn at the top of the form and may display values from fields (methods) from current document, comment or evaluated text data. Definition of head fields is similar to entry fields.
  • new delayed option added to embedded DRG Form field. If set to true embedded form is loaded delayed when tab holding embedded field is selected. This minimizes database access when lots of embedded forms is located on tabs
  • DRG Form can now be dynamically updated by defining dc_update_form method in control file
  • dc_update_method is called after form file has been read and before form processing. Thus whole form can be changed or programmatically created
  • display of readonly fields is mostly improved by using readonly HTML5 keyword
  • new radio DRG Form field for implementing radio button fields entry fields
  • new file_field DRG Form field for classic file upload
  • new action DRG Form field can be used to put action anywhere between for entry fields