What is new in DRGCMS version up to

Author: Damjan Rems, December 20, 2020

- form field can also be defined as mongoid model method, not just fields defined in mongoid model (which is basically equal)

- result column value can be obtained by method defined in a mongoid model

- permissions can now be namespaced. In your application you may start all collection names with same first 3 characters and define eg. dc_* permission, which will set permissions for all collections with name starting with dc_.

- dc_temp collection has new order field so result can be ordered

- embedded DRG Form field has now three options for load. default loads embedded form on form load, always loads (refreshes) embedded form each time parent tab is clicked and delay which loads embedded form when parent tab is  selected for the first time

- close action added to form edit options. It will call window.close() javascript code. Can be used when window was opened with window action type

- new DRG Forms field type method defined. Will call any method and display returned HTML code

- form dialog name can now be set dynamically

- dc_format_value won't output 0 if 'z' is present in format parameter.

- line: top and line: bottom parameters will paint horizontal line on a form

- reports made easy with help of prawn gem. Reports are treated like controls and consist of form for selecting data and displaying result, printing report and exporting to spreadsheet

- form fields have got default option which can also be evaluated (eg. Time.now)

- polls can now have javascript code defined. Radio buttons added to polls.

- by default result browser can be sorted by any column (field) defined in result_set options. Default can be disabled by adding sort: n option to field

- result set width option can be set as none or hidden. Used for report which doesn't display field and only exports it to Excel

- run action now checks if user has permissions to run

- result set column sorting can be disabled by defining sort: n option

- poll results may (must) now be confirmed

- Exo variable font is now being used as default font




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