What is new in DRGCMS version up to

Author: Damjan Rems, September 21, 2021

- lots of bugs resolved here and there

- requirements updated to Rails 6.1 and Ruby 2.7


New features:

- enable Redis caching for fundamental collections. Permissions, site, page and design collections documents. Documents from these collections are usually read on every page load

- document history (journal) shortcut is added to document info icon

- embedded documents are now automatically resized to content height

- help system manager is ready and is located CMS advanced menu. Every DRG Form can have it's help file in help directory. Help dialog can be called from icon in form dialog title

- form name added as id to form dialog, so fields on a form can be selected according to form name

- process_json_request has new focus option, which will transfer focus to defined field on ajax call return

- readonly form can have embedded form which are not readonly. By default readonly embedded forms are also readonly. Readonly form can also have specific actions available. Again by default actions (except back) are not available on readonly forms

- check option is added to result set actions. This enables selection of documents and processing selected documents with ajax index action

- more user friendly mobile experience