What is new in DRG CMS version up to

Author: Damjan Rems, December 05, 2021

New features:

- process_ajax_result function has two new options. parenturl will change URL on parent dialog and popup_url which will popup window and load url address into it

- application locale setting can finally be set by url. Put &locale=en into url and all subsequently calls to application will be english localized

- comment DRG Form field type has now html option which will add html attributes to comment text

- result_set data can now be drawn by custom method with new option type:, which defines type of element which will be used for painting result_set data. If type: default or type: is omitted the default (old) painting is used. With type: method, (helper) method name defined in option eval: my_method_name will be used to paint the data.