What is new in DRG CMS version up to

Author: Damjan Rems, May 01, 2019

New features:

  • routes needed by DrgCms are now defined by DrgCms.routes method which can be used in routes.rb
  • new forms field tree_select
  • new forms numeric_field
  • base DRG_CRM models (dc_site, dc_page, dc_piece, dc_user, dc_olicy_rule) are now defined as concerns.
  • dc_site can now inherit policy from other site and thus simplify policy definitions when multiple sites with same users are used on single Rails instance.
  • dc_memory model replaces dc_dummy model for editing non DB data
  • cms_edit controller is aliased as cms
  • menu item may now be calculated when picture values is preceded with @
  • horizontal menu can be added to menu by defining <hr> in caption
  • iframe options added to dc_page model
  • default data for testing created
  • formname keyword change to form_name
  • table elements replaced by div elements for form. Thus editing data is more flexible on tablets or even mobiles,
  • image preview added to file_select field. Can be omitted with preview: no option
  • result table can now have @record_footer record which defines values for footer displayed on the bottom of result table
  • embedded field can embed other forms not just field embedded in model. Name option must match table option.
  • html 5 validations can be added to form fields in html option
  • popup message can be displayed as result of ajax call from form
  • dc_name4_id can return value of any method defined in model
  • removed url collection created for adding removed url-s to sitemap
  • dc_check_user_still_valid method added to  check if user data saved to session is still valid every defined period of time,
  • DRG CMS form fields source code refactored. Code for every field is now defined in its own file