What is new in DRG CMS version up to

Author: Damjan Rems, June 12, 2022

The biggest news is that DRG CMS is now tested and running against Ruby 3.1 and Rails 7 in production.


New features:

- enable wizard like form. Wizard forms extend other forms and select fields to be processed step by step. It paints steps panel on the left side of the form and add next and previous action buttons to top of form. Document processing and saving must be done in control file

- ensure help button is displayed on the form only when there is a help text available

- attribute data-validate html option added. When set to true HTML5 form validations will be ignored on action button clicked. When you have close button on dialog, and you can not close it, because form validations must be met

- when check is used to select document for processing only document ids are send as parameters. Before that they were send as 'check-id' 

- standard fields like created_by, created_at, active, updated_at, updated_by no longer need to be localized for each model

- google analytics GA4 support added

- text_with_select and hidden_field DRG Form fields now trigger change event, when the value is changed

- simplify display of footer record in documents browser. It can now be of Array type. Array columns are in same order as fields defined on form

- model may now define set_history method, which will be called on standard CRUD operations. The idea is to save some extra data in the set history method, which can be later used for revision.

- html_field (ck_editor) value is now saved on ajax action. 


Bugs resolved:

- in some cases journal of current document was not displayed properly